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What is the coolest methodology to do revision before your exams? Here’s one small, but a very useful tip, which shall beat your last minute exam blues…READ MORE

If I go back to my days of academic study and examinations, I can only remember those moments of pure panic! And surprisingly, the fear factor gets compounded when you are actually digesting, reading & learning all your lessons.

Do you remember how difficult it was sometimes to memorize the expanded result of (a+b)² or the name of the Planets as per their placement in the Solar System?

How to overcome this panic in an effective manner???

Get hold of your parent’s old visiting cards. Put a question on one side and the answer on another.  Once you are done, tie a rubber band around it and you are ready to go. 

Revision becomes as easy as flipping a card and as effective as a Surya Namaskar. You are learning the content as you write as well as when you revise!

So the next time you are waiting for the Metro Station or say are stuck at the drycleaners, whip out your flashcards, start revising your mathematical formulae and save your most prized asset – YOUR TIME…. 

If you get bored, use this to QUIZ yourself! 

And watch your confidence zoom sky high!

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