7 Ways to Improve Focus Amongst School Going Kids

7 Ways to Improve Focus Amongst School Going Kids

The pandemic has brought different kinds of challenges for everyone. While the professional challenges have been much talked and discussed everywhere, even our little toddlers and school goers are facing varied problems.

Their life is now limited to electronic gadgets and e-learning. Earlier, kids could have fun and recreation at multiple places- at school, inside the classroom, during lunch breaks, at the playground, and while commuting to and fro in the school van or bus. 

Kids also had the option to take part in different indoor and outdoor games. They also pursued skill-enhancement and hobby courses. Now, all learning has rapidly transformed into e-learning.

Whether it is a chess class or a guitar class, school learning, or additional coaching classes-kids are glued to the laptop, tablet, or mobile screens.

In the present situation, while e-learning has helped to mitigate the impact of Covid 19 on education, here is a list of 7 steps to improve focus and boost productivity among kids:


1. Spend time with nature: Do not look at the electronic screens immediately after getting up. Spend at least 10 minutes daily after getting up to look at the sky, the greenery, and the nature around you. It gives a lot of positive energy and helps to uplift mood so that the kids can focus better on their studies.

2. Meditate: The benefits of meditation are known to one and all. For kids, it can be turned into a playful activity than a mundane task. Ask your kid to look at any object and focus on it for 10 minutes daily. He/She can also close the eyes and focus on its image in the mind itself. This has a very calming impact on the mind, body, and soul and it energizes the kid to comprehend better.

3. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables: During Covid19, one key advice that came from all corners was to improve immunity by adding fruits and vegetables to the daily diet of the kids. Fruits and vegetables strengthen the brain and body by providing vitamins, minerals, and trace elements required for growth. “Amla” or Indian gooseberry is a, must-have, nutrient-rich superfood to be given to kids daily.

4. Stretches for good health: Stretches help to increase the flexibility of the muscles improving the kid’s overall physical being. Coupled with good nutrition, stretches help kids to gain height. Stretches also help to remove the pain in the neck, shoulder, and head that your kid might develop due to stress. Regular stretching is a boon for both mind and body.

5. Take mental notes: Encourage your kid to visualize and re-look at the learnings of the day in various subjects just before going to bed. This activity does not take more than 15 minutes but has a far-reaching impact. Various studies prove the power of the subconscious mind that helps to build successful grown-ups. By doing a quick mental revision of whatever was taught during the day, the kid can assimilate better that improves the learning process.

6. Plan ahead: Encourage your kid to prepare a time-table for the week. You can help him/her do the same so that there is lesser pressure of studies during the examination period. Explain your kid the benefits of being persistent. No challenge is big enough provided it is broken down into bite-size pieces.

7. Sleep Well: At no cost, the sleep of your child should be compromised. A sleep-deprived child tends to lose focus easily, will have difficulty in grasping new concepts, and can develop communication issues as well. However, if the child is consistent with his/her daily work and studies, he/she will get enough time to relax and sleep tight.


Every parent wants their child to perform well in different fields.

The key to success is not only hard work but a whole lot of factors like persistence, a good environment, healthy food, proper exercise, adequate rest, and planning well so that there is no stress on body and mind.

By following the simple tricks as mentioned above, your child’s focus and productivity are bound to increase and you will be amazed to see the results!